Is Counselling the same as Coaching?

Coaching, as its name suggests, primarily specialises in helpingpeople progress in their chosen field and in general terms, is for people who are doing well and want to do better.  Coaching is often focussed on professional or business development, although ‘life coaches’ have a more general focus on identifying present strengths and applying them to set and meet future career and lifestyle goals and opportunities.  

Incontrast, counselling is for people who know they are not doing sowell emotionally and psychologically. A counsellor will apply various models of therapy to help you understand the source of past and present emotional distress or trauma, and actively listen and explore with you how to best address the issues that may be affecting your emotional and psychological health and well-being. Counselling is aimed at helping you to recognise and effectively address mental health issues, experience emotional healing and to build resilience through life’s highs and lows, so that you are able to change and grow, learn to love and care for yourself and for the other people in your life. 

Counsellors usually have professional qualifications and membership with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).  ACA members must follow a strict Code of Ethics and set of Practitioner Standards for counsellors as well as undertake regular professionalsupervision and ongoing professional development.


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